About me

I am and have always been an animal lover. Dogs especially…

Dogs are my common ground, I come out of my hiding place when animals are near. I connect differently, I lose all negative thoughts that would have caused me not to socialize. I find peace in this. I value the relationships I have differently and seek out more to socialize with this common ground. I guess where I am getting at is I want people to know that I decided to breed, not for a financial gain. Yes it would be nice to say I contribute to our family financially, and maybe I will get to one day, but I didn’t start breeding for a financial gain. In fact I have done nothing but put our family financial goals further away.

I finally have decided if I can take my passion, my sense of purpose, and help others receive just an sample of all the joys my dogs have brought in my  life. I am more than excited to begin  introducing people to an angel with fur  and can't wait for them to have a daily sidekick in this crazy life. Perhaps giving them new perspectives, relationships, overcome grief, comfort, laughter, and a sense of family. I feel God has lead me towards this endeavor and I finally just decided I was going to trust in where it will lead me; as well as excited to see the families he places our pups with and the blessings they bestow.


My hope is you will find quality in the dogs I am raising, and sense my pride and responsibility to you and the breed, and to create a wonderful life companion.