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Why a Bernedoodle?

Why Not!!? Bernedoodles are sociable, smart, intelligent, and an affectionate breed combination. The bernedoodle combo increases longevity and healthier pups than their parent breeds typically.

Our family has always been a fan of the Bernese Mountain Dog, we have owned several and could not be happier with the breed highlights such as size, temperament, affectionate, and amazing with kids / other animals. 


We couldn't be more happier with the Poodle/ Berner mix, the life expectancy, little to no shedding, intelligent, and the personalities of these dogs is simply hard to resist! Our Bernedoodle family, will continue to grow! It seems everyone that meets our dogs are ready to make the bernedoodle their next furry family member. They are also great therapy and service dogs! Eager to please and perform for you affection.


I have found that the Bernedoodle seems to be accepting of all ages, breeds, environments, and activity levels. They are a "Go with the Flow Breed"!!! I could talk about them all day!


I invite you to ask questions, and or come and meet our dogs! We almost always have ours  out and about - whether its downtown eating lunch, at a soccer game, or out on the lake. They are just happy being with you!

I invite you to do your research and make sure a bernedoodle fits your family, lifestyle, and environmental needs. I am here for any input I can offer or at least point you in the right direction!

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